Covid-19 Moving on

We have seen an event of this magnanimity for the first time in decades. We have to agree that this is hardest on the migrant community. The people who belong have a sadness in their heart. However, for migrants this sadness then translates to Anxiety, fear and uncertainty in terms of the future.

Anybody out of the 23,000 applicants of Resident Visa under Skilled Migrant Category, must ensure they are doing everything right. While Migrants have to be careful about their responsibilities and behavior, an event like this will make it more essential. Reduce the minimum hours to 30 hours on your Contract so that employment laws are not breached in case your hours are reduced. Make use of the Wage Subsidy through your employer and, hold onto the jobs.

As explained to us over the last few interviews, the Minister of Immigration has indicated that they will be looking at Labour Market tests with a lot more interest. With Unemployment touted to rise upto 10% in June, it is inevitable that the goal will be to have Locals employed and the gap in the Labour Market will be reduced. The intention of the government will be to give the jobs in the Tourism and Hospitality industries to locals and the onus of this will be on Employers. Hence, the Advertisements and Work Visa Applications must be put out with genuine efforts and New Zeander's must be given priority. Changing a job in the current scenario can be uncertain as the Unemployment in New Zealand will put the Job you have applied for, a tempting opportunity for many.

The future of Hospitality and Retail workers is affected the most. However, domestic tourism will help us keep our jobs in the mean time. If your Visa is expiring, be prepared to go through some tough questions and make it worth your while.

We are also concerned about those stuck oversees and unable to return to the country they call home. We have to keep mounting pressure on the government and the ministers to ensure the employees and hard working migrant community does not loose everything they have gained through the beautiful country they call home.

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