Why I dont need an Immigration Advisor!!

With the changing dynamics of New Zealand, it is an uphill battle to keep up with the changes in Skill requirements and to know whether the changes will affect you or not.

The inflow of migrants who fall in love with this place has been extensive and this country can accommodate so much more than its 4.8 million population.

There are reservations however, about too much inflow of migrants and what it can do to the economy- The housing crisis and Traffic management are an example which is currently limited to Auckland.

Having said that, the move by Immigration to encourage people to leave Auckland has been beneficial and more and more jobs are now available across New Zealand.

Tauranga has been declared as out of reach to buy a first home as well and people are now looking at smaller cities which will now take the pressure off Major cities with new businesses and housing options.

Immigration rules have changed after 14 long years and they will be difficult to adjust to initially for applicants. Even though it may be challenging for some, New Zealand will give you what you give New Zealand.

Going to a New Country comes with its own challenges and it is a new beginning altogether. Find the right guidance and the right resources to assist you and you will triumph wherever you are. Having an advisor though is a Million dollar question as most of us are experts already and know majority of the requirement around a Visa OR we think we know it all.

Many clients come to me when they are stuck in a "problem with their Visa". Resolving this problem will be more time consuming than applying for a visa in the first place. Hence, It costs the client more at this stage than to apply through an Immigration advisor from the very beginning. Everybody loves freebies and many a times, the applicant will take free information and attempt to apply for a visa themselves. Then again, they come crawling back after being stuck in a rut which could have been avoided in the first place. The added headache and hassle should be left to the professionals (Me) who can resolve it in a matter of time and save you from unnecessary stress. Paying a measly sum of 800-1100 NZD to apply for a Work visa should not be considered as an unnecessary expense as your livelihood and future depends on it. ( I know some places charge an exorbitant amount of money to apply for a Work Visa (I have heard 3000 NZD from some)) but I try to keep it simple and affordable.

May be consider saving this amount elsewhere as you should not risk such an important decision in your life.

But "YOLO" (You Only Live Once) right?

Take the risk and make the application yourself. May be you can learn from your mistake and rectify it when you get the chance i.e. if you ever get a chance in the future. Millennials have been taught to live life on the edge and doing it has been an experience of thrill and excitement for some. And for some others, it means going back to their own country and no looking back.

But, I will continue to Hold your hand and charge you the minimum amount to help you out whether you like it or not. So, do not hesitate to take the risk and come see me whenever you want to as I will be here Monday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm to resolve your issues.

(P.S. This Light-hearted article is written as an Immigration Advisor and also as a client of Immigration Service for every application ever made for myself since arriving as an Immigrant in New Zealand. I know where to find the balance and how much it means to each one of you)

Call me on 021 0811 5415 to make it Easy and Stress-free!!

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