Immigration Rules becoming Tighter, What do I do?

While it has been observed over the years that Immigration rules are becoming stricter, It is factually the truth as well. It all depends on how we contemplate it.

When you are in a New Country, we all must be open to becoming one with and adopting the culture of the new country. When I first came to New Zealand, I was overwhelmed with the different cultures I experienced here. It was a pleasant surprise and a lot about the new cultures was a lesson to me. I learnt and compared what I should be doing in terms of improving myself as I was finally independent. I was surprised with how organised New Zealand is as a country.

I love where I come from. But, the kindness and opportunity in New Zealand is so much more. This is why I am here, and Happily plan on staying here forever.

I do miss my family, and there are days when I wish that I did not have the ambition to achieve just so that I could be closer to those I spent 20 years of my life with. However, I can not thank this country enough for the respect and love I have gained due to my move here.

Our family, even though they miss us will always encourage us to achieve more and more in life and move when opportunity can be created.

Now that you have taken that step, I would suggest you make the most of it. Being in New Zealand is a testament of your own character and the amount of hard work you are willing to put into your future. The most common problem faced by those who move here is language and accent. I have noticed English speaking people taking time to pick up the accent as New Zealand is multicultural. However, people are very kind.

There is no racism faced in New Zealand unless it has been invited. New Zealand is a peaceful place and if you have a habit of creating noise then you will get a few raised eyebrows. Just to maintain peace, try to speak softly and respect the peace that is maintained around here.

Also, if you are ever on Queen street(the main street in Auckland Central), you can be as loud as ever and no one will bat an eyelid.

All religions and festivals are celebrated with love and kindness and it is nice to see how different cultures are supported by everyone.

If you are getting stereotyped because of where you come from, it is okay.

Things can only look better from there. Anything you do positively will be looked at like Progress which is always celebrated.

Do not feel discouraged and find like minded people. Everyone in New Zealand is kind and nice to talk to.

When it comes to working, there are certain skills which are more required than others. If you dont have those skills, you can work in your field until you become a pro and then settle down here easily. Make the right choices since day one and you will be surprised how easy the journey is. Having confidence is good. However, having over confidence is not. Be humble and refuse to settle below what you deserve. Be aware that you must be paid the minimum wage and do not settle for bad treatment from anyone. If you get feedback from your employer, take it. However, be aware when your employer crosses the line and ask your employer to stop if you get uncomfortable or look for better opportunities. Wasting time with a bad employer will cause further delays in progressing yourself. New Zealand is very straight forward and do not try to uproot its simplicity by assuming that you can play with it as it will back fire.

Do not be a part of the unethical practices and follow awareness at all times. You need to be committed and focused at all times to make a mark and get through to achieving your goals.

As far as the part where Immigration is getting stricter , it has become stricter due to the wider interest everyone has in New Zealand. However, people are still able to settle down and work appropriately. If your employer is not following correct employment practices, try to help and improve the situation as that is a compulsion. If too many people misuse the system, it back fires. The employers who exploit migrants need to vanish from the system and there should be a Zero tolerance policy towards it.

Please work hard and try finding the best options for yourself. And if you dont know, ask me :)

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