When Kindness becomes a Weakness- As observed with INZ

The latest Lockdown in Auckland for Level 3, and Rest of the country for Level 2 has made us think once again about the Border Security and Responsibility of the Government in keeping New Zealanders safe. The arrival of the Vaccine was celebrated pompously even though 77 countries have started Vaccinations before us. The Prime Minister announced on 14 February while most Family's were celebrating Valentines day, that we will be going into a lockdown. 1/3rd of the Country's Entire Population sits at home praying that we dont have anymore Lockdowns due to the 3 positive cases in New Zealand or we may loose a lot yet again due to the Failures at the Borders.

Everyone is in Despair as Canada has invited their workers to apply for Residence on 75 points. In New Zealand we have not had the any mentioning and appreciating of Immigrants who are keeping the Country afloat. I agree that the comparison to Canada seems uneven. I also agree that a little appreciation and Words of assurance cannot hurt anybody. The Prime Minister and Immigration Minister came out and supported the victims in the Christchurch attack, but they are silent now even when family's are away from their loved ones for 1 to 2 years due to delays in their processing and Staffing issues. We dont want only Death to bring out the humanity of the People of New Zealand.

Our response was highly appreciated by everyone globally, and I dont see the same right now, even though many migrants have been mentally devastated and are on the point of breakdown due to the delays and callousness in bringing their families over. There is also less emphasis on Business and Immigrants when they provide the most Hope, and contribution to our small and beautiful country of Aotearoa. Most of the decisions taken over the last year have been affecting Migrants and Business's negatively, and this is what destroys people from moving forward to have the mental stimulation to survive during an unprecedented time like Covid19.

While I love seeing the Prime Minister post pictures of her Baby and Partner, the irony is that the opposite is happening to Immigrants. It has been proven that Migration is not a Curse, but a blessing when handled appropriately as Migrants work in Skilled jobs that Businesses depend on. Many jobs are done Online, however the Hands on Retail and Physical jobs cannot be done remotely. We can see how the Horticulture businesses are suffering as no one is able to do the Physical labour that machines cannot do. Using COVID19 to stop migration completely and making it harder for Business's and Migrants to survive, shows the extreme measures of unkindness this government and Immigration Department want to potray towards the highest contributors of the country. The Kindness that was potrayed during Election 2020 is not rolling down to the departments, and we have seen a lot of unhappy Immigration Lawyers and Immigration Advisors who have to oversee the misery the department is bringing to the lives and fate of Migrants and their families. Being in Immigration, I see first hand how the lack of a better policy in Migration has caused suffering. The House price increase of 27% in the last year definitely potrays a different picture of How migration is not responsible for driving up the price of houses. This is a picture of Weakness, to keep up with the Demand of Housing and Shortage of supply. Yet we are making provisions to bring Refugees into the country who will immediately need these houses, before the Hardworking Work Visa holders who are stuck with Valid visa's outside the Borders, and have a better ability to find jobs in Skilled fields and contribute to the economy. Migrants Rent homes and Pay Taxes bringing in better opportunities for Businesses and New Zealanders. Yet, they are the ones trying to scratch every nook and corner to find a way to bring their Partners and Children, while the Government blocks them.

Business Owners and Migration go hand in hand. Businesses depend on Migration to find hard workers in Hospitality, Farming Industry, Fruit Picking, Retail, Trades workers etc. While incentives should be offered to businesses to train New Zealanders, cutting off their current work force completely while no Skilled people are available is completely unfair, as Business Owners stand to loose everything to satisfy the Policies made without understanding what the people want.

We want the Government and Prime Minister along with the Immigration Minister’s to review the issues created in the Migration Sector due to lack of Initiative, Incentive and Creativity. The Median Wage increase, refusal to stop penalising the Business owners by constantly increasing the Minimum wage, and blocking Employers from supporting Skilled Migrants is causing more harm than good.

We will continue to request from the Government to safely open the borders and reunite the Family's who are loosing their mind. Bringing in more people after they test Negative for COVID Is a better approach than not testing them at all. New Zealanders are loosing a lot too, even while the Government continues to believe that only Immigration is being stopped. We have to understand that we have to see the Real Picture and Truly showcase that "THEY ARE US".

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